Commercial Real Estate Broker Training Takes Your Agency to the Next Level

Commercial Real Estate Training Needs to Pay Back

Stepping up to handle commercial real estate is a big jump for most realtors. It is a very different world in terms of language, and where the emphasis and attention has to be placed in an exchange over a deal.  The level of knowledge needed specific to the marketplace, property, and the relevant financial data runs much deeper than almost any residential property. Even if raw land is the topic, the buyer probably needs to know traffic rates, access and egress availability and limitations, environmental impact study requirements, and other facts that rarely come up in residential transactions. A respected commercial real estate agent who knows their industry is a trusted consultant to a process that buyers, sellers, investors, and tenants have to rely on for information that can directly and profoundly affect their bottom line.  

When you become involved in commercial real estate, you need to know the nomenclature, as well as the differences of sourcing, prospecting, contacting, generating leads, maintaining your pipeline, and matching clients with potential properties. Things like build out clauses may seem mundane to a residential agent, but are keystone in many commercial applications as they relate to the usability of a property for a given venture. Your ability to have the skills at hand and to know exactly what needs to be done when and how to apply them are all critical to building your business. Those skills only come with concentrated, actionable knowledge that few agents you are competing with will be willing to teach you, even for a portion of your deals. Commercial real estate training is the answer, but it has to be a program designed to teach you what you need to know, and not just bring you into a peer group for discussions that do not pay off. 

The Best Commercial Real Estate Training Course is Commercial Real Estate Society Online Program and Coaching

With decades of combined experience, our instructors and coaches are here to help you learn and take action. We succeed when you succeed, and we want you to set yourself up for immediate success. The Commercial Real Estate Society Online program provides you the skills and know-how to take current, applicable information and apply it to building your contacts, how to approach a client, and what to say to close a deal. Your action using our clear, defined steps with real world application combine to make real tangible results for quick results in your commercial real estate venture. When you are ready to grow or scale, our broker courses and coaching programs give you the direct, intense personal help you expect from a mentor with your best interests in mind, not their pocketbook. Our courses are reasonable, and get results. Call us or click below to sign up, and start on a path you control for growth in your commercial real estate agent career.

commercial real estate training

Commercial Real Estate Training Courses Need to Be Actionable

It does not matter what commercial real estate training program you study, if the material is not actionable, it is not going to help you get a solid start on making money in commercial property. You need to gain the skills and knowledge that can be applied as soon as you learn it, both to get a return and to implement and ingrain the knowledge into your own “database” for future use. Actionable steps are the basis for every online learning module we offer. The material has to be able to be easily understood, able to be applied, be current and correct, and gets results, or we do not allow it to be released until it is. We know you want and need to see a return on your investment, just like your clients want one on the property you are handling for them. Once you sign up for CRES, you are assured that everything you study is needed, is applicable, and is actionable. 

commercial real estate training courses
commercial real estate training

Commercial Real Estate Agent Training Should Prepare You

There are many differences between residential and commercial real estate, both in the prospecting and showing phases and the contractual agreement portions. In commercial real estate, who you know can prove to be very important, as you need to work hard to get, and keep, a full pipeline of potential clients and properties at all times. That requires getting your name and expertise in front of people who either make the decisions, or know who does, when it comes to commercial real estate acquisitions, tenant leasing, or those seeking to invest. It is not just enough to have them know you are persistent; you need to be knowledgeable in a way that is beneficial to them. Learning on your own without training is difficult in commercial real estate, and in some cases nearly impossible. It is always expensive, often costs leads, means splitting contracts, and sometimes hampers recognition for being informed and current in the field. Taking a solid commercial real estate agent training program that provides not only the facts but also the methods for implementing the facts – a series of steps to take action – is critical to have a successful quick start and begin to see a return on your investment.


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